When we were a child, we used to love wandering off...

Have we lost our naive sense of curiosity?

A child has a strong wanderlust - Focused on a bright red berries on the bush or a sparkly rock by the road, a child would investigate these things right away without second thought on his/her own safety, on the current itinerary, or those who worry for him.

Previously, I talked about online adventure games and how I had the absolute freedom to choose my own path. To some extent, my love for online adventure games could be a reflection of my desire to wander around as freely as a child - to satisfy my wanderlust.

Whether you resonate more with the online adventure game or the child analogy, they both share a common theme - the joy of wandering around and investigating stuff off the beaten path.

With so much information available on the internet today, we tend to over-plan our every move, leaving no room to wander around freely and playfully like a child. We stick so closely to our planned routes that we lost our sense of curiosity to explore what lies ahead of the off-beaten path. ExplorR is on a mission to reignite that naive curiosity towards our physical surroundings with location-based gamification.

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