Welcome to the ExplorR Community!

Join 4000+ other users as they wander around the world uncovering locations and leaving memoirs wherever they go!

My name is Mark, co-founder for ExplorR, and I am extremely delighted to have you as part of the ExplorR community!

When I first played online adventure games some years back, I always enjoyed those moments when I was a virtual character traversing from beautiful green pastures to post-apocalyptic wastelands. I had the absolute freedom to choose my own path and be rewarded for all the quests completed along the journey. More importantly, I was constantly exploring the in-game fantasy world and uncovering new places as I journeyed along. I was immersed with the overall experience, and that epic adventure was my retreat away from the mundane routined reality. I crave for the same sort of spontaneous experience where I could wander around the world freely and uncover new areas . That is why I created ExplorR, to bring the same sense of excitement from online adventure games into real-world exploration.

Follow me on my Youtube channel 'FieldstheExplorR' where you will see some of my exploration journeys using the ExplorR app. If you would like to give any feedback on the app, youtube content or on what you would like to see in the app, feel free to drop me a text at 07768824943. You can also drop a text to simply have a chat with me!

London, UK
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