We don't have to fly to a foreign country to apply 'Flaneur'

What about rediscovering your surroundings? Perhaps you may have missed some hidden gems lying near you all this time!

Previously, I introduced the concept of 'Flaneur' - wandering around freely without any purpose. It was introduced as an ideal way to experience the true soul of foreign places without resorting to cliche destination places found in Tripadvisor and its likes. However, experiencing the joy of 'Flaneur' does not have to come just from travelling to a foreign country - in reality, we can easily do so in the city that we are currently living in! How much do we really know about what exists around us? 

I'm sure we are all familiar with the fairy tale 'Alice in Wonderland' - the story goes that one fine day, Alice was sitting on the riverbank with her elder sister when she saw a talking white rabbit - she decided to follow it down a rabbit hole and she eventually entered a mysterious hall with locked doors of various sizes. That's when her magical adventure began. Now we probably never asked ourselves this question - did the rabbit hole actually exist near her house all this while? 

Many of us are probably oblivious to the 'rabbit holes' around where we live. Perhaps because of our life routines, we often only visit a set number of places all the time - to work, to meet with friends, to shop etc. Try challenging yourself to walk down that alley you've always pass by but never actually crossed it, or take a different (possibly longer) route back home from your office. You will be surprised by the number of new discoveries that you never knew existed all this while, and you will truly be able to experience the elation of 'unplanned discovery'. 

Now we don't need a talking white rabbit to guide us towards the rabbit holes do we?

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