Introducing the French concept of 'Flaneur'

Wandering around freely with no purpose

Previously, I talked about the strong wanderlust of a young child and how we should be like the "naïve" child in exploring our world without any worries or constraint. 

In this email, I would like to introduce the French concept of 'Flanuer' - which means wandering around while being detached from society, with no other purpose other than to be an acute observer of society. As many of us became caught up with the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, have we ever taken time off to just detach ourselves from our current situation and start strolling around randomly to observe the various motions of life? Perhaps we may observe a couple sitting on a bench enjoying a warm cup of coffee together under a beautiful shade of autumn tree, or a little run-down shop with a towel hung on the door handle flailing along with the wind.

Every small detail we observe through our random strolling gives us a peek into the soul of the society that we are at - and perhaps these observations allow us to better immerse ourselves in foreign lands instead of visiting the usual 'Top 10 places to visit' tourist traps.

London, UK
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