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Explore London

Like Never


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Spontaneously discover places

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Leave memories wherever you go

Things to do in London?

Are you sick and tired of the conventional tourist traps like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Eye?


Did you have to google 'things to do in London this weekend', 'unusual places to visit in London', 'things to do near me' (and all sorts of other variations)?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, perhaps deep inside you are looking for a novel way to experience London

Unlike most other web pages that merely list a bunch of offbeat, non-touristy alternative places to visit, we take a different approach.


Our suggestion is to download the ExplorR app (which is completely free) and start wandering around! How simple is that? By doing so, you will find yourself accidentally discovering pockets of London that never knew existed, and the surprise discoveries will leave a sense of euphoric fulfilment in you knowing that all those moments were completely unplanned.


Explore London 'Flâneur' style.  

Some interesting sites


A french concept

The word 'Flâneur' is a french word which means to wander around freely with no purpose. As many of us become caught up with the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, perhaps it is time to introduce the concept of 'Flâneur' to our society!


The ExplorR app facilitates the act of 'Flâneur' - By implementing the 'fog-of-war' concept into our UI, our users start from their current location and begin to uncover their surroundings as they begin wandering around. 


Places Spontaneously


Location Cards


Personal Journey


Your journey


With the Community


Yourself onto Places

London is one of the world's most significant global cities with the largest financial centre and boasts one of the largest metropolitan area GDP. You might envision London to be a city filled with tall skyscrapers and luxurious urban landscapes. However did you know that the picture  is actually located in Central London?


A city of many worlds

"I have always been fond of travelling. Discovering new cultures, meeting local people and having a blast are what all of us “travel lovers” look forward to. What I truly value though, is the feeling of excitement created when I am at an unknown place, which is what prompts me to explore every corner of a city and make unforgettable memories.

However, I have always felt that part of my excitement had been taken away before I even had the chance to arrive at my destination. We spend so much time planning every step of our trip that the feeling of embarking on an adventure has disappeared by the time we actually begin our travelling. Fun fact I actually learned yesterday; the average person spends 20hours planning for a trip. So, lets face it, by the time we get to our destination, the excitement of discovering a city has been reduced to simple anticipation. Wouldn’t you agree? At least to some point?

Lately, I have also been thinking that my trips tended to be focused around the most tourist attractions. While there are so many unique places that are waiting to be explored, I mostly visited the “must see” locations. What I really want to get out of my journeys though is to learn how people experience their cities, what are their daily habits, and what are the similarities and differences in comparison to my culture. I realized then that my travelling style did not allow me to get the most out of the places I was visiting.

So, after reflecting on my travel experiences, I decided that although planning can be time-saving once there, I would rather feel genuinely excited and have my dopamine and serotonin levels reach the sky, also known as the “happiness hormones”, than have a well-organized mainstream trip."

- Barbara


Exploration Experience

Long before trip-advisor and google maps became a thing, travelling overseas was an adventure - what lies ahead in our destination remains a mystery for us to uncover. Yet with so much information available on the internet today, we tend to over-plan our travel itinerary with the 'fear of missing out' certain places. The refreshing excitement of discovery is thus lost. We want to bring that excitement of unplanned uncovering of points of interests back into modern travel with ExplorR.


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